Simply create better open homes, relationships, leads and business

A beautiful client experience means happy clients and great word of mouth. Embark has all the tools to make delivering an exceptional experience, effortless.

Welcome wonderfully

Personalised digital experiences that engage your audience, build your brand and enable the next step in your sales cycle.



Create a beautiful first impression that's personalised to each attendee and includes your name, head shot and property info.


Each open home experience is uniquely and automatically personalised to help build rapport and encourage engagement.

Action buttons

Action buttons

Engage your attendees with powerful action buttons that can be customised to your business, property or agent.

Generate referrals

Effortlessly increase referral revenue from each open home by engaging attendees with custom referral buttons and at the perfect time.


Private feedback

Easily collect private feedback about any aspect of the experience and maximise follow-up efficiency.

Qualify leads

Use feedback to easily qualify hot and cold leads and easily continue any conversations from digitally collected attendee feedback notes.

Agent buttons


Passively grow your social following easily from every open home by including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other accounts.

Generate business

Include contact details and collect inbound sales opportunities from attendees also looking to sell a property.


Lead activity

View activity reports from each lead including time on screen, interactivity and button presses.

Export & Sync

Easily download reports as a .CSV file or synchronise instantly to your CRM database.

Agency benefits


Enhance your brand value and visibility at every open home using a beautifully effective new customer touch point.

Customer experience

Beautiful, fast , personal and effective - Embark enabled open homes are the perfect addition to enhance your sales cycle and client experience.

How it works

Property apps via SMS

Unlike native property apps that suffer from poor usage metrics and fussy downloads - Embark delivers personalised property experiences to attendees instantly using a innovative 'web app'.


Attendee checks in

Attendee is checked-in to your open home during welcome via agent or contactless QR code.


SMS message received

A personalised open home experience is generated then delivered instantly via SMS to attendees phone number.


Property app delivered

Phone number is validated and attendee opens their unique URL (weblink) to their open home experience.


Is Embark an app?


No. Traditional open-home apps are costly to develop, time-consuming to maintain and have poor usage metrics (downloads). Embark is different, it is a 'web app' - basically a clever web page that maintains a rich 'app like' experience but is delivered via text message as a unique URL (weblink) during the check-in process. There are numerous benefits to this approach - primarily better personalisation, agent customisation and increased usage by attendees.

How much does Embark cost?


Embark is software as a service that is accessed via pre-paid monthly subscription. It's simple flat fee each month - just select a plan that's the best fit for you. Simply use Embark for as many open-home events as you like - we're confident you'll find Embark an invaluable addition to every single open-home and client experience.

Do you offer office or agency pricing?


Yes. If you manage a sales team and would like to discuss account options please contact us and we'll be in touch to discuss how best we can meet your specific requirements.

Are there any catches or minimum terms of service?


No. There is no catch, no contract and no minimum terms. Simply use Embark for as many open-homes as you like or cancel any time with no exit fees, charges or fuss.

Is there a limit to number of open-homes I can use with Embark?


No. Embark does not limit how many open-homes you can concurrently list and run. Simply manage your listings and open-home schedule using the Embark dashboard or via integration in your CRM database.

Does Embark work in my suburb / town / city / country?


Yes, in most cases. Embark is an online open-home solution that we've designed to be 'region agnostic'. In other words, Embark works in any location where you and your clients can access a smart phone and receive a text message. You can find agents using Embark to enhance their open-home experiences in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and UK.

Can I customise Embark to reflect my brand?


Yes. Embark offers a range of customisation 'out of the box' that allows agents to edit imagery, logo, messaging, buttons and colours. Should you require further customisation or have a feature request please contact us and we can discuss how best to meet any unique specification.

What is a QR code and how does it work?


QR codes have been around since the 1990's but only recently have become a common 'contactless' method of sharing digital content quickly.

A popular analogy is that a QR code operates in much the same way as a typical supermarket barcode. Similar to a barcode a QR code contains information that can be read using an appropriate 'scanner' - which in this case is a smart phone.

Nearly every modern smart phone will now read a QR code simply by activating the camera mode and pointing the device at that QR code pattern. The clever software in a smart phone recognises the pattern as a QR code and prompts the user to view the content connected to that QR code.

Where is Embark based?


We have physical offices in Melbourne, Australia and Tauranga, New Zealand but work with distributed team members and sales partners in North America (US), Europe (UK) and Asia (Thailand).

Who is Embark?


Embark is a dedicated team of software developers, designers and dreamers with an extensive history of delivering scalable software solutions across property and financial services sectors. We help optimise real-world experiences by creating complementary technologies that unlock more value for all actors in the customer experience. In other words, we love creating 'clever-simple' tools that help you, and your clients connect in real life to unlock sales success.