Wave goodbye to pen and paper sign in sheets

A beautiful client experience means happy clients and great word of mouth. Embark has all the tools to make delivering an exceptional experience, effortless.

“Clients love Embark, they find the online property experience very useful. It creates a great first impression - but most importantly saves me time.”

- Embark Customer Research

Simply the best way to welcome potential buyers

Bring your own device

There's no need to purchase any expensive new hardware - simply use Embark on your existing laptop, tablet or even mobile phone.

Create a beautiful first impression

Embark is beautfuly designed and easy to use to help you create a high quality first impression.

Build your brand

Provide a unique welcome for every property - Embark automatically customises each check in experience using your property and agent details.

Speed up your sign in process and save time

Faster check in

Reduce stressful queuing and increase the throughput of busy locations with Embark's flexible and fast system.

Reduce admin time

Welcome your attendees, maximise your time and delight new and existing clients with a beautiful and intelligent open home solution.

Welcome attendees the way you want

Agent consiege

Welcome you attendees then simply manually enter their details on your personal device like a phone, tablet or laptop.

Self service

Invite attendees to enter their details manually using your laptop, tablet or even smart phone.

Contactless QR code

Print or display a QR code that allows your attendees to check in using their personal device.

Explore contactless check in

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Vendor reports

Create and send beautiful reports for your vendors at the click of a button.


Continuously improve your business and keep your team kicking goals.

SMS messaging

Send mass SMS text messages with ease to effectively connect with every attendees.

Flexible packages to suit your business size

Just me

Packages from $25 per month.

See single agent packages

2-4 agents

Packages from $49 per month.

See 2-4 agent packages

5-10 agents

Fixed price packages from $99 per month.

See 5-10 agent packages

Over 10 agents

Packages tailored to suit your business needs.

Speak to us about tailored packages