QR Codes that power a safer, faster open home experience

A beautiful client experience means happy clients and great word of mouth. Embark has all the tools to make delivering an exceptional experience, effortless.

“Clients love Embark, they find the online property experience very useful. It creates a great first impression - but most importantly saves me time.”

- Embark Customer Research

QR Codes for every property

Automatically generated

Simply use the QR code that Embark generates for each of your properties.

Display on any device

Welcome attendees and display a QR code on any screen such as laptop, tablet , mobile phone or even television.

Printable qr code posters

You can even print your QR code in advance to allow attendees to check in at any time or location.

Sign in that simple, safe and speedy

FAster check in

QR codes allow your attendees to check in themselves instantly using their personal device.

Safer open homes

Adapt quickly to changing public health constraints by using QR codes to help provide a contactless experience.

How it works

QR Code check in

Generate and display or print QR codes for each property directly from your Embark dashboard - giving attendees a fast and friction free way to check in.


Attendee scans code

Attendee uses their personal device to scan a property QR code from your agent device or printed QR code.


Attendee checks in

QR code then links to the property check in page using the web browser on their device.


Property app delivered

Attendee receives a personalised property app directly via SMS text message.

Learn more about propert apps

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