About us

We create experiences to make your success seamless

We're a small but highly effective team that creates 'clever-simple' property technology that makes first impressions feel like a welcome home - because we believe better customer experiences drives more seamlessly successful sales.

"Embark is an open home engagement platform that unlocks higher value property viewing experiences and continuously improves your real estate business"

Vital statistics


Over four years

We've been having a ton of fun and creating innovative customer engagement  experiences for nearly half a decade (which is a long time in software years!).


Engagement experiences

Delivering and reporting on thousands of experiences and millions of data points we've built a pretty good understanding of what makes people like, follow, laugh and love.


Happy clients

With 2 physical offices down under and a distributed team around planet Earth - we get the biggest kick out of helping clients of all shapes and sizes and all walks of life level up their client experience.

Our story

We started Embark as a live event consultancy business and e-ticketing business back in 2017. A little before then we met whilst working together at a fast growing financial technology startup in Melbourne, Australia - there we learnt first hand how new transaction technologies were helping to unlock better customer experiences. Inspired by this and with a hunch that the events industry might benefit from similar technology and a fresh customer focused approach - we setup a 'side hustle' event technology consultancy business - 'Embark' was born!

Event technology
We created a simple but innovative new take on the event ticketing and registration experience - our small business grew quickly and we found ourselves working with some of the most well loved festivals, conferences and live music venues in Australia. But we kept getting asked the same question - "can you build apps for our event/conference/tour/venue?"

The problem with apps
So we built several events apps and learnt that apps are awesome, for lots and lots of things - except events! Although event organisers knew the value they wanted to provide using an app - attendees just didn't want to download them, and if they did - they suffered from poor utilisation.

The rise of the web app


House hunting


Meet the team

Mark Murphy

Director & Co-founder

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Mark is a customer experience fanatic and keeper of the colouring pencils - when he's not working with Embark's clients to define and design their latest feature request he's out paddle boarding or running barefoot through the hills in native Kiwi country - New Zealand.

Joshua Terrington

Director & Co-founder

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Josh is our Australian one man technical powerhouse - he's half Kangaroo and half machine but uses these skills for good to build beautiful, extensible, scalable code that power Embarks most demanding client needs. Josh is passionate about social impact business and is currently establishing Embarks first social enterprise.

Amber Holmes

Integration partner

Amber is co-founder of Motii.co - Embarks sister organisation and acts as our key technical integration liaison when creating the best 'fit and finish' for Motii's extensive real estate CRM clients. It's also claimed she can run faster then most small horses.

Ben Fuller

Integration partner

Co-founder at Motii.co and also Embarks CRM integration partner. Ben helps the Embark team define our future integration roadmap and what's over the horizon in terms of property technology and mens fashion.

Kirsten Koci

Investor & Advisor

Kirsten is a startup queen, serial entrepreneur co-founder of Cluster Ventures which provided the initial investment in Embark (for which we are eternally grateful!). She acts as our unfaltering moral and business compass.

Chris Mosley

Investor & Advisor

Chris is co-founder of Cluster Ventures and veteran of several successful gaming studios (you have probably played a few of his A+ titles!). He is Embarks invaluable strategic and technical advisor.


Is Embark an app?


No. Traditional open-home apps are costly to develop, time-consuming to maintain and have poor usage metrics (downloads). Embark is different, it is a 'web app' - basically a clever web page that maintains a rich 'app like' experience but is delivered via text message as a unique URL (weblink) during the check-in process. There are numerous benefits to this approach - primarily better personalisation, agent customisation and increased usage by attendees.

How much does Embark cost?


Embark is software as a service that is accessed via pre-paid monthly subscription. It's simple flat fee each month - just select a plan that's the best fit for you. Simply use Embark for as many open-home events as you like - we're confident you'll find Embark an invaluable addition to every single open-home and client experience.

Do you offer office or agency pricing?


Yes. If you manage a sales team and would like to discuss account options please contact us and we'll be in touch to discuss how best we can meet your specific requirements.

Are there any catches or minimum terms of service?


No. There is no catch, no contract and no minimum terms. Simply use Embark for as many open-homes as you like or cancel any time with no exit fees, charges or fuss.

Is there a limit to number of open-homes I can use with Embark?


No. Embark does not limit how many open-homes you can concurrently list and run. Simply manage your listings and open-home schedule using the Embark dashboard or via integration in your CRM database.

Does Embark work in my suburb / town / city / country?


Yes, in most cases. Embark is an online open-home solution that we've designed to be 'region agnostic'. In other words, Embark works in any location where you and your clients can access a smart phone and receive a text message. You can find agents using Embark to enhance their open-home experiences in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and UK.

Can I customise Embark to reflect my brand?


Yes. Embark offers a range of customisation 'out of the box' that allows agents to edit imagery, logo, messaging, buttons and colours. Should you require further customisation or have a feature request please contact us and we can discuss how best to meet any unique specification.

What is a QR code and how does it work?


QR codes have been around since the 1990's but only recently have become a common 'contactless' method of sharing digital content quickly.

A popular analogy is that a QR code operates in much the same way as a typical supermarket barcode. Similar to a barcode a QR code contains information that can be read using an appropriate 'scanner' - which in this case is a smart phone.

Nearly every modern smart phone will now read a QR code simply by activating the camera mode and pointing the device at that QR code pattern. The clever software in a smart phone recognises the pattern as a QR code and prompts the user to view the content connected to that QR code.

Where is Embark based?


We have physical offices in Melbourne, Australia and Tauranga, New Zealand but work with distributed team members and sales partners in North America (US), Europe (UK) and Asia (Thailand).

Who is Embark?


Embark is a dedicated team of software developers, designers and dreamers with an extensive history of delivering scalable software solutions across property and financial services sectors. We help optimise real-world experiences by creating complementary technologies that unlock more value for all actors in the customer experience. In other words, we love creating 'clever-simple' tools that help you, and your clients connect in real life to unlock sales success.