Contactless inspections & app-free engagement

Beautiful check-in solutions and automated open home experiences that generate referral revenue, boost your brand and build a better business.

Why Embark?

Simply create better open homes, referrals, relationships and business

Beautifully effective digital open-home experiences welcome your attendees, passively generate more referrals and create a better business.

How it works for Attendees:



Your attendees check-in easily and quickly using a beautiful registration experience or contactlessly using a QR code.


SMS Received

Attendee phone number is validated via SMS message which also contains that attendees' unique URL (weblink) to their personalised open-home experience.


App-free experience

A personalised digital open-home experience welcomes your attendees and delivers a rich 'app like' experience complete with property info, feedback, social links and much more.

Embark is an open home engagement platform that unlocks higher value property viewing experiences and continuously improves your real estate business.

Check-in solutions

Contactlessly check-in better leads

Fast, efficient and user friendly digital check-in solutions provides a warm welcome and perfectly timed content.

Open home engagement

App-free digital experiences

Open-home websites delivered via SMS and personalised to each attendee that drive referral revenue and enhance your experience.

Business intelligence

Together we build your best business

Private feedback and attendee reporting gives you the data and insights to qualify leads and continuously improve your client experience.

Get started

Designed to give you the edge

Getting started is easier then you think with our fully customisable solutions that are perfect for real estate businesses of any size.

  • Fast check-in - Minimise frustrating queuing.
  • Increase referrals - Generate revenue for each inspection.
  • Attendee engagement - Designed to delight and deliver.
  • Private feedback - Drive continuous improvement.
  • Boost social - Attendees find and follow your agents easily.
  • CRM integration - Check-ins sync to your database.
  • Automated - Hassle free for every open home.
  • No apps - simple to use on any device without downloading or creating expensive apps.


We create experiences that make your success seamless

At Embark we create 'clever-simple' property technology that makes first impressions feel like a welcome home - because better client engagement drives more seamlessly successful sales.